“A wall waiting for a piece” – Myartisreal Gallery Exhibition

“A wall waiting for a piece” – Myartisreal Gallery Exhibition

Myartisreal’s current online exhibition (view here) went live on our main site on the 19th of November and will be live until the 1st of January. The show is titled “A wall waiting for a piece” and features ten contemporary artists from around the world. 

The core idea for this show and the meaning of the title is simple, every wall is just an empty spot waiting for a piece. Often people don’t know what they are missing out on until they get their first artwork hung. Once you hang that first piece it brings such positive energy into the room and home and will enrich every aspect of your life. As you continue to live with the art you will start to notice more details within that you missed before. Collecting art should be not about bragging but about filling your life with beautiful works to enrich your life.

We appreciate every single one of our readers, collectors, and artists for making this show happen. We can’t wait for the upcoming year and to showcase our next lineup of online exhibitions. To be the first to view upcoming exhibitions sign up for the collector’s list here, and you can view the entire show here. Contact us at jacob[at]myartisreal.com for any questions.

Featured artists: Kunstrasen | Phoebe Joynt | James Supa Medrano | Maxim Fomenko | Preston Paperboy | Sima Jo Benson | Jacob Hess | Lee Ellis | Marcarson | Revolue

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