Image © Andi Soto

“Into the Void” a solo exhibition by Andi Soto at Haven Gallery

“Into the Void” a solo exhibition by Andi Soto at Haven Gallery

Andi Soto is a self-taught mixed media artist based in Croatia. Andi says her concepts come from her many hours of daydreaming and contemplations. Soto uses these works as a way to understand the world around her. Soto has recently done her third exhibition at the Haven Gallery located in Northport New York which was founded by Erica Berkowitz and Joseph Weinred in 2015. You can view the exhibition in person or online on their website here. 

Show Statment: “Into the Void” is the illustrated manual of the artist going back to her roots, the beginning that gave her the life she always wanted, embracing darkness and becoming one with it, in oblivion. New artworks explore the limits of patience, endurance and the everlasting feelings of impending doom, love and all the mixed emotions human beings are capable of. Looking Into the Void will be the way to let yourself lost into the vast realm of linearts, color palette of dying nature, the power of letting go and the creation of new life.” (Via Haven Gallery)

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Images © Andi Soto

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