Artwork by NastPlas

Submission Sundays is a new series to feature emerging artists

Showcasing our favorite submissions of the week

For a long time now Instagram has been the home to thousands of artists allowing them to get their work seen. Lately, the algorithm on Instagram has changed once again leaving people with much less engagement than before. As we move forward with Myartisreal we would like to make it a place where emerging artists can get the reach they deserve. So from now on, we will be presenting our favorite submissions each Sunday for our new event “Submission Sundays.” Each submission picked will be featured here on the blog and also on our social media pages.

If you would like to submit for future submission Sundays simply email us at submissions[at] and attach images of your artwork along with a brief bio or artist statement.


  1. Griselda Duch @griseldaduch

Griselda is a Barcelona-based photographer who has submitted works from her series “Botanicals” which quests to canonize the beauty of the natural environment through a collection of monochromes of flora and plants.

  1. NastPlas @nastplas

Nastplas is an art duo based in Madrid, made up of illustrator Fran R. Learte ‘drFranken’ and creative director Natalia Molinos ‘Na’ (together ‘Equipo Nastplas’). Their work is often inspired by the laws of nature and forums found in science, engineering, and many other technical fields. The work they make is often digital creations with an abstract approach.

  1. Alexa Sirbu @alexa_sirbu

Alexa is an art director and digital artist and is a co-founder of the XL Studio with artist Lukas Vojir.

  1. Lukas Vojir @lukasvojir

Lukas is a London Based art director who works in digital creations and is a co-founder of the XL Studio with artist Alexa Sirbu.

  1. Sii Gii @is_siigii

Artist Statment: Intertwining mediums of sculpture and fashion, SiiGii’s work confronts the limits of the body and the endlessness of energy. An extensive background in fashion design, tailoring, and millinery allows SiiGii a unique perspective and approach to sculpture. They treat the body as yet another garment that the soul is forced to wear, and craves to be free from. 

  1. @kantismovementlibrary

Kanti had a feeling that break dance and painting could exist in the same world. He calls the process both a sport and an art forum.

  1. Brandon @jjbrndn

Artist Statement: My name is Brandon J and I like to shoot and edit photos inspired by old horror stories/movies as well as the depths of my imagination, with emphasis on bold colors. 

  1. Véronique @v.duplain

Véronique is a self-taught artist based in Montreal Canada and has been working on her selfie project for seven years.

  1. Anis Tabaraee @anistabaraee

Artist Statment: My art reflects my personal experiences of social issues. Using different symbols reflect multiple meanings of my though from a new statement in design.

  1. Jamaal @jamaalpascall

Jamaal is a digital artist and creative director based in the USA.

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