About Us


The year is now 2024 and it appears that the worldwide attention span is getting shorter and shorter, fewer people are reading blogs and magazines and more interested in scrolling through short bursts of videos. I never wanted this blog to be a place for long-winded articles. I believe art is visual and we should let it do most of the talking for us. And truth be told this blog started as just a place online for me to share the art that I liked and was inspired by. 

Social media has become more and more censored and critical of art. Now more than ever, it is important to have your own independent platform to share the things that matter. So if you enjoy admiring art daily here will be the best place to do so without having it censored by the social media giants. 

I do however still believe in long forum content but I feel I can achieve more by working in the podcast format. That is why at the end of 2022 I launched the Myartisreal Podcast. It’s not just a normal podcast either, I don’t sit down and ask boring questions for an hour, and that’s the episode. No, I take my time and dive deeper into who these artists are as people and spend countless hours editing together the audio and writing my narration to present you all with a narrative story of how their lives shape the art they create. 

Moving forward into this year this blog will be my place to share the art I love and showcase my and my friend’s art projects. If you would like to dive deeper into artists check out the podcast. And most importantly if you love what I’m trying to do share it with everyone you can. I’m one person, one curator, who deeply loves art, and I will continue to pioneer a new path for independent emerging artists. – Jacob Daniel Johnson (Curator and creator of Myartisreal)

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