Plastic Jesus is a photojournalist using street art as his medium | Myartisreal Podcast Episode twenty

Plastic Jesus is a photojournalist using street art as his new medium

It may sound crazy but I go into each interview not knowing much about each guest. The reason for this is I want to be curious just like the listener will be and this pushes me to ask more interesting questions during the interview. I’m not completely crazy by the way, I do have an outline and story structure that I like to follow to make sure I get all the information I need! 

When I sat down to record with LA street artist Plastic Jesus I was pleasantly surprised by what we discussed. For me going in I had known of Nick (Plastic Jesus’s real name) for many years but only for his viral art installations. What I discovered was being a painter and street artist was a fairly new venture for him because he had spent roughly 20 years as a photojournalist just before becoming an artist. And did you know he doesn’t even view himself as an artist? Just a photojournalist with a new medium.

Go check out episode twenty of the Myartisreal Podcast if you are at all interested in hearing the incredibly surprising and unique story of Plastic Jesus. You can pick your preferred platform here.

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