Would you like to be featured on Myartisreal? You have come to the right place! First, we want to let you know that we try our best to look at each submission in a timely manner but with over 20k submissions since we began accepting them it’s hard to keep up so please remain patient. 

Submitting your Art.

We often feature artists on our social media platforms and websites. If you are looking to be shared on our platform you may submit your art to us via email at if you looking to promote a print release, art show, or any other project you need more eyes on please scroll down to the promotion section.

For submitting art please follow the below guidelines:

  • A bio about yourself and your body of work
  • Several Images of your work that you would like to submit (only images attached to the email will be viewed so no drive or drop box links please)
  • Links to your website and social media pages if you have any


If you are looking to promote yourself, a client, or a creative project then a promotion submission is the way to go. As with normal submissions, there is no guarantee you will be published. If you want to guarantee your project will be published and promoted on the Myartisreal platform you can email us at 

Submitting to be in an exhibition or on the Podcast? 

All artists and creatives featured in our exhibitions and podcast are hand-curated by Myartisreal. We will begin putting out Open Calls in the future for you to be able to submit for these projects specifically.