Images © Ikuo Inada

Lazy days embodied in wooden sculptures by Ikuo Inada

Lazy days embodied in wooden sculptures by Ikuo Inada

Today are fixated on these incredible sleepy wooden figures carved by Japanese artist Ikuo Inada. Some figures are shown with their head hidden within their hoodies while others are hidden below thick blankets and they all appear to be dowsing off to sleep. We all know that feeling all too well of being so tired and worn out that you just can’t bring yourself to do anything more than lay around all day. We all need a day like that every once in a while.

While appearing large in some images these sculptures only average between one and three feet tall which makes the attention to detail even more astounding. Inada has to use delicate hands to meticulously carve each fold and crease into a single block of wood. Join me as we curl up and scroll down and enjoy the relatable sculptures of Ikuo Inada.

You can view works by Ikuo in person at Art Taipei being shown by Medel Gallery Shu between the 21st and 24th of October. 

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Images © Ikuo Inada

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