Images © Ruby Silvious

Miniature teabag paintings of Museum-goers by Ruby Silvious

Miniature teabag paintings by Ruby Silvious

Ruby Silvious repurposes used teabags into a miniature canvas for her watercolors. Some of these teabags works are inspired by everyday life, her travels, and the world around her. One series that caught our eye was the one titled “MUSEUM GOERS” which brings the focus to the viewer of the art rather than the art itself. 

“Ever wonder what museum visitors are thinking of when they’re viewing works of art? More than the exhibit itself, I find myself concentrating on the viewers—the viewers’ stance, where their arms are—are they folded? Is one hand poised on the waist? Is the head tilted? How are they dressed?” – Ruby Silvious (Via Ruby’s website

Artist Website.

Images © Ruby Silvious

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