Lee Salvador “I’m a Night owl” Limited Edition Print with Myartisreal

Lee Salvador “I’m a Night Owl” Limited Edition Print Release

Our latest limited edition print, “I’m a Night Owl” was released last week with Philippine artist Lee Salvador. Like most of the artists we work with, we found Salvador through Instagram and instantly fell in love with his playful surreal style of character paintings. I couldn’t be more excited to present this print to the world and share his story with as many people as we can.

“The painting is titled “Night Owl”. It’s about looking back to youth. Hanging out with friends painting murals in the streets like we own the city. I miss those days.”  – Lee Salvador

Print Details: 
Artist: Lee Salvador
Paper: Moab Entrada Photo Rag Archival Paper
Size: 12×12″ in
Edition Size: 30
Price: $90
Available to Purchase here.

Artist Bio: Born in 1983, visual artist Lee Salvador started as a street artist and evolved in his craft and thru the years explored other medium and focused on canvasDuring the journey, he had opened a window reconnecting with his childhood memories and started to embody it to his works. Using acrylics, he uses rich, earthly tones to give his paintings a surreal atmosphere. In his paintings, his childhood past meets his contemporary state of mind and emotion. The characters in his paintings shows 2 faces with different emotions. This represents 2 sides of a coin. Through this, the artist is leaving the audience two perspective to look at.

Artist Instagram page.

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