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“Anomaly One” a sci-fi novel by Rick Krusky

“Anomaly One” a sci-fi novel by Rick Krusky

Rick Krusky grew up in Calgary, Canada but moved to Los Angeles in 1987 where he currently lives and works. Spending most of his days as an entertainment publicist, Rick has also found success in music and writing, and has released his first-ever novel entitled, “Anomaly One.” 

The concept for the book began over 20 years ago when Rick’s mother passed away from cancer. The basis for the book and its protagonist’s journey deals intimately with a deadly disease and its potential cure by way of a mysterious anomaly, which was started but then, for many years, remained nothing more than a few writings tucked away in a computer.

In 2016, Krusky’s father also passed away from cancer, like his mother, bringing up former feelings to the surface. Then the pandemic of 2020 happened, prompting Krusky to again pick up the once-forgotten novel and begin to write again, finally finishing the story of “Anomaly One.”

“Anomaly One” takes place in the distant future of the year 2351 on a faraway planet. The population of this planet has become overpopulated and forced to expand into the surrounding space. Now within space lies a collection of floating cities with various empires collectively known as Conglomerate. An incurable disease plagues the population and has infected the Princess of the most powerful empire in the Conglomerate. A young man sets out to meet her and unwittingly sets off a chain of events that could either lead to the cure of this deadly disease or the creation of a weapon that could take out the entire population.

Krusky’s deep love for all sci-fi, whether movies, TV, novels, as well as his personal connection to his story, made “Anomaly One” a work of true passion. And while the book is only available now as an Ebook, Rick is hard at work on a physical, slated to be released this summer, and even audiobook version slated for release in the fall, which could be a brilliant opportunity to blend his world of music and writing together in a whole new experience.

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