Joshua Mizusawa “Many Masks” Limited Edition Print with Myartisreal

Joshua Mizusawa “Many Masks” Limited Edition Print

Available Friday, June 21st, Myartisreal will be releasing its latest limited edition print. Partnering with previous podcast guest Joshua Mizusawa (episode 39, listen here), they have produced an edition of 50 prints of his popular painting “Many Masks.” The work is inspired by his grandmother and serves as a reminder to stay strong through the trials and tribulations of life.

When covering Mizusawa’s story on the podcast, we learned about all the twists and turns it took for him to return to his lifelong passion and how much hard work it took to get his works seen. “I hope everyone who hears his story and hangs this print in their home can be reminded each day that the only true path to success is constant hard work for a real passion,” said Jacob, the Myartisreal Podcast Host.

Print Details: 
Release Date: June 21st 2024
Artist :Joshua Mizusawa
Paper: Moab Entrada Photo Rag Archival Paper
Size: 12×16″ in
Edition Size: 50
Price: $100
Available for Purchase here!

Joshua Mizusawas Statement: “This piece is inspired by my late grandmother, Matsuko Kagura. A small Japanese woman with a fierce spirit. Meeting her meant experiencing either overflowing love and hospitality or indifference– no in-between. She was a very vibrant and strong person. Her life was a mix of interesting history and difficult decisions. leading her to transform into different versions of herself just to survive. In the end, some decisions left her feeling regretful. Wishing she had done differently to have stronger relationships with her family. But I can’t explain the complexities of her enigmatic life in a short paragraph… all I know is…  Matsuko embraced the many masks she wore throughout her life, even when they weren’t always benevolent, she wore them well.  This piece is a reminder that, although we make hard decisions and bear heavy burdens, we often become stronger in the process. “

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