‘Pink Diaries’ a series by photographer Asher Moss

‘Pink Diaries’ a series by photographer Asher Moss

‘Pink Diaries’ follows two women off-grid into the unknown, relying only on each other in the hot American desert. This series of works were taken by none other than renowned photographer Asher Moss. His client works and personal photography series have spread like wildfire across the internet for years now carrying his stories with them. In 2012 as most photographers turned to more refined digitally shot and edited photos, Asher was going backward, shooting on film with very minimal digital edits. 

His series of photos titled ‘Pink Diaries’ was shot in 2016 but are still being shared across Instagram and other platforms today. For this series of photos, Asher’s goal was to show woman’s natural beauty through raw photos rather than heavenly edited ones like you often see in mainstream magazines. As well as showcasing his love for the color pink. Within the photos we see two women, one is Asher’s often photographed muse and the other is her best friend. Each of them wearing pink towels only while they layout in the hot desert sun and enjoy a cigarette. This series of works and other works were featured in his art book titled ‘Miss Lonely’ which celebrates the female form. 


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Sources: The artist’s website.


All images  © Asher Moss

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