Everyday objects turned into art, a look at Op Freuler

Art is all around us, a look at OP Freuler

Op Freuler, a vice president of a prominent Swiss bank has discovered a newly, infinitely expansive and moldable dimension in which to express unmeasurable creative output. While researching new and cutting edge trading methods Op found a new vestige of inspiration for his personal passion. Art, philosophically dimensional based art in particular. 

By studying the work of mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot and the art of Katsushika Hokusai Op found the true bases of his ever-growing hypothesis of which being that nature is not of calculatable makeup. That the space between nature and man-made objects is a dimension unknown, certain chaos that lends itself to many creations.  Op uses materials such as razor wire, shattered glass, stones, leaves, or wood to put his hypothesis on display. With rugged materials, deeply pigmented paints, and a directional idea Op ventures into the unpredictable and oftentimes tumultuous world of found object art. Giving us an unparalleled visual encounter.  Showing us all that this dimension of chaos can be molded into something uniquely beautiful. 

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Source: https://olifreuler.com/

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