“Writers House” a minimalist cabin located in Vega Norway

“Writers House” a minimalist cabin located in Vega Norway

The island Vega is outside of Norway not far from the arctic circle, its landscape is harsh with jagged mountains rising up out of the sea. Built within this landscape is the “Writers House” a Cabin designed by Kolman Boye Architects. Holding true to the name of the cabin each aspect of it radiates the energy of a simpler time, its a minimalist getaway, a space to create, a space to declutter the mind. 

The Cabin design draws inspiration from the traditional boathouses of Norway while adding a contemporary minimalist look. This can be seen the most within the lower level of the house which is built to be an open space centered around a stone hearth. The three large windows of the house help to push this open feel even further while providing a different view within each. One showcasing a clear view of the shore below while another the mountains and the final window showcasing the bedrock landscape. In contrast to the bottom level the upper-level consists of small compact bedrooms and a family room. 

In this section of the architect’s description, we read what materials were used for the interior walls and flooring. “Completed in linseed oil painted pine with untreated birch skirting, frames, and reveals – the interior is kept subtle with a character of being hand-built – promoting tactile qualities and the attractive patina developed over time.”

It’s homes like this where one is able to relax and soak up nature while also maintaining comfort from the sometimes harsh weather. In a statement from the architects, they speak about the client and what this cabin means to them. “Upon completion of the house the clients’ father, who spent his childhood in the close vicinity, visited the cottage. Being able to sit down—for the first time—sheltered from the elements; he stayed seated for several hours silently observing the ever-changing light over the sea.” ( Statement Found via ignant.com )


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Images by Åke E:son Lindman

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