Exploring femininity, a look at Fipe Gouge Merrall

Exploring femininity, a look at Fipe Gouge Merrall

Expressive femininity and mixed media artistry collide when Australian artist Fipe Gouge Merrall puts her mind and creativity to the test. Fipe brings an invigorating execution of the display of the female form by not idealizing it but exhibiting it in concurrence between delicate observation and raw voicing of the female experience. With materials such as watercolor paints, pastels, and charcoal. Fipe leads u through her exploration of the female body and the portrayal of the situation the involved subject may be experiencing.

In her works, position and posture speak volumes about the circumstances expressed in the artwork. In some pieces, the subject’s posture may be depicting a particular air of defeat. And in other pieces, the individual may be depicted dancing or lounging giving a sense of relaxation or happiness. Fipe explains in this quote how she aims to create an atmosphere that draws an emotional response from herself and the onlooker.  “Through my artworks, I am exploring the relationship between color, the human nude form, line, and the integration these components have in creating an aesthetic and emotional experience on myself as well as the viewer”.  (Via ignant.com )

Bottom line Fipes’ work is as striking and beautiful as it is intentional in its foremost message of the activities and experiences women confront each day. Fipe expresses how these experiences impact her artwork in this quote.  “Past [and] present experiences, traveling, and human movement are all influential in my art-making” (Via ignant.com )

All images @ Fipe Gouge Merrall website

Sources: https://www.ignant.com

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