Woman and food By Lee Price

‘Women & Food’ a series By Lee Price

‘Women & Food’ a series By Lee Price

Lee Price is an artist and painter who makes absolutely beautiful works of art, but they also come packed full of a powerful message. Most works in the ‘Women & Food’ series are self-portraits of Lee, each one is hand-painted with oil to be hyper-realistic. In each image, you can see the subject indulging in various foods. In one image, we see her sitting in a bathtub while eating Chinese food while other boxes of more food lay on the floor beside her. In another, we see her laying down surrounded by an array for desserts. These works speak on the way society makes women feel as if they are not allowed to have desires, especially food. Women are made to feel that they must be a certain size and are not allowed to indulge once in a while.

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