The ‘Space Project’, a series of photos by Vincent Fournier

The Space Project, a photography series by Vincent Fournier

The ‘Space project’ is a photographic trip into the past, present, and future of humanity’s space travel. Vincent Fournier a french artist obsessed with sci-fi themes such as space, a utopian future, ai technology, and the future of mankind and how tech relates to our evolution. This deep interest is no doubt rooted in his consumptions of TV, Novels, Films, and documentaries of the ’70s and ‘80s which explored such themes “which have mixed and layered in my memory” says the artist. 

Between the years 2007 and 2017 Vincent went around to various space stations and NASA facilities in the United States. He was given permission to explore and photograph in areas often off limited to public civilians. Within these facilities is where these photos are taken, some showcasing the Past, that being the original Apollo program. As well as photos of NASA’s future project the SLS rocket designed to travel to Mars. 

These images appear to be pulled from some space sci-fi film not yet to be released. They are more than a telling of our past but a telling of a story unknown, a story that we are creating in this moment. You can feel the love and passion of the artist for what he hopes for the future. His desire to explore the unknown and document each step of the way with his camera in cinematic beauty.


“Space is humanity’s great adventure, a leap into the void, into the dark light, beyond the protective atmosphere of the Earth and the gravity that connects us to it. It is the universal desire to contemplate the sky but also to project oneself there. Desire, from the Latin desiderare means nostalgia for the star, regret for a lost star. But how could anyone desire something unknown? Could it be that the stardust that we are remembers this early time when we were floating in space? Man would then be like a god fallen from the heavens, nostalgic and unconscious of this star which he has lost.” – Vincent Fournier (via his website)



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Photos by Vincent Fournier

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