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“My Garden Drops” By Revolue with The Soda Factory (NFT DROP)

Revolue is an artist we have been working with since day one (previously mentioned) who has always been able to tell intricate stories through his abstract portraits. The Sao Paulo-based artist has always blended physical and digital works into his catalog, most notably with his art magazine ‘AnitPop.’  He has already splashed around in the “NFT Pool” by using infinity frames to showcase animated artworks that are also minted on the blockchain. Now he is ready to do his first official drop in the NFT space titled ‘My Garden Drop.’

This drop is being done with the Ireland-based platform Soda Factory. The private drop for Soda Pass owners starts today and the public drop will be on the 30th of January. Of course, Revolue always has to go above and beyond with each project. One of the special features in this drop is if you own one of the NFTs you can then commission a personal portrait done by Revolue in his signature style. If you decide to mint 5 or more of these drops you then get a free animated NFT as well.

For him, the process is what’s most important and the freedom of expression. Revolue took this opportunity to create works he couldn’t create on a physical canvas. Playing around with shadows and all the different tools photoshop had to offer him he created 1,000 completely unique works.

Check out all the info here on his website.

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