“Hell Let Loose” – Myartisreal Gallery Exhibition

“Hell Let Loose” – Myartisreal Gallery Exhibition

“Hell Let Loose” is the embodiment of the last two years we have experienced together as well as a representation of my personal state of mind over the months leading up to this exhibition. “Hell Let Loose” is an explosion and the immediate aftermath. While our next exhibition will be about what grows out of this scorched land.

“You wake up every day with a plan in mind of what to accomplish. However, life is often chaotic and stressful decisions and tasks will arise. This is “Hell Let Loose” the moment you are overwhelmed so much you can’t think clearly. Life is about how you stand up and conquer these fears to move past the smoke and flames from this Hell Let Loose.” – Curator Jacob Johnson 

Features Artists: Moki | MCMONSTER | Vorja Sánchez | Jean-Luc Almond | Andrew Cadima | Kasia Jasmina | Miloš Ilić | Mark Gleason | Jeff Ladouceur | Luca Ledda | Chris Leib | Pablo Martinez | Moritz Thoma | Baptiste Hersoc | Sima Jo Benson

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