Alone in the Playground, a look at Revolue

      Revolue. It’s a name you may have of heard, and if you haven’t, well now you will. Revolue is an artist whose artistic capabilities and vision go beyond the realm of what we can imagine. I can almost guarantee that looking at any of his artwork will send your mind into a dream state that is hard to escape, not that you would want to escape it in the first place.

        Going through Revolue’s work is always eye-catching and leaves the viewer with a sense of playfulness that you really can’t obtain from anything else. And though it leaves you with a sense of playfulness, it also creates a nearly overwhelming feeling of darkness. Imagine being on a playground, but imagine being at the playground alone at night, that’s the best way I can describe what it’s like to view artwork by Revolue. Mixing both bright and dark colors with nearly neo-expressionistic forms, with overlayed vandalism created by the artist himself, it would be wrong of me to say that his artwork is interesting. Because it is so much more than interesting. His style is instantly recognizable and one would be able to tell a Revolue piece from a mile away. You simply cannot fail to pass up any of his work, as the colors, forms, and subjects seem to suck you into the dream state that they have to offer.

        Using acrylics, spray paints, and what I’m assuming is either wheat pasted pieces or screen prints, perhaps both, Revolue has created something new and something fresh to bring to the table of the art market. In a market currently over saturated with everyone pitching their “art” through every outlet they can get it out there, Revolue took the time and figured his work out and in the end, it’s working out for him. He has a full schedule ahead of him with shows coming up at KYIV Art Fair, Krause Gallery, and LP Art Gallery (for more information on dates, you can visit his Instagram @revolue where he has them posted in his bio). This is only the beginning of Revolue, soon you’re going to hear his name more and more as he is always collaborating and expanding his name. If you haven’t taken the time to look at his work, well now is the time. Look him up. You will not be disappointed.

You can purchase works by Revolue through Myartisreal at our online shop! Be sure to contact us at for any information on his works.

Artist Socials: @revolue

Famo socials: @famoisdead