Fine art meets NFTs with The Soda Factory

Fine art meets NFTs with The Soda Factory

If I were to do an article about NFTs just two years ago hardly anyone would know what I’m talking about, but NFTs have taken over the art world in a big way. The biggest advantage is the ability for digital artists to make a better living off their actual creative works rather than relying on freelancing. While digital artists are taking the lead in the crypto space traditional artist like painters and sculptures are trying to carve a path as well. This is where The Soda Factory steps in. 

The Soda Factory is an Ireland-based company that has set out to bridge the gap between fine artists and BlockChain technology. So far they have partnered up with artists such as Mister Everybody, and Alejandra Sieder. The first NFT drop will be this November and Soda Factory will be minting 5000 digital “paintings” by Mister Everybody. Yeah, you read that right, five thousand different works! 

Portrait of Mister Everybody

Original Painting By Mister Everybody

Following the lead of some of the most successful NFT projects like “The Bored Ape Yacht Club” which creates many works all with slight variations,  Mister Everybody takes the concept to the next level with each work being done in his traditional style but adding many variations to each one. Not only do the characters change but also the backgrounds. The key character in each work is his ‘Balloon Girls’ which we see floating along in front of an always different dark and eerie landscape.

NFT Painting By Mister Everybody (Dropping November 2021 at The Soda Factory)

The second drop will be in December with Australian-based artist Alejandra Sieder. Known for her monochromatic geometric fluid style, Sieders sets out to explore the world around her and how she and we as humans respond to this world. While often switching between mediums when creating her works, NFTs should be a welcoming new challenge to her artistic journey and prove to be a unique and meditative experience for the viewer.

Portrait of Alejandra Sieder

NFT by Alejandra Sieder (Dropping in December at The Soda Factory)

Original Artwork By Alejandra Sieder

Ahead of the upcoming drops will be the release of “The Soda Pass” which will grant owners of the pass early access to each drop as well as free-to-mind drops. The Soda Factory has drops planned for the remainder of 2021 and going through 2022 and is signing up more emerging and established artists each week. The Soda Factory is already claiming its stake in the NFT space by offering something most other platforms have not, a curated selection of stunning and creative fine art pieces in a digital forum.

The Soda Pass will be available on the 21st of October on their website

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Images © The Soda Factory

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