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Myart Post of the Week

Welcome to week one of “Post of the week.” In this series of blog post, we will be going through our Instagram accounts @myartmagazine & @myartisreal to find the best post of the past week. There will be a mix of art, fashion, lifestyle, and design post shown each week. We hope through this weekly blog post we can provide our followers with a condensed version of our Instagram post. Packed with creativity to get your brain flowing for the entire week. Below we will list each artist in the order they come in the slideshow. If you enjoy this content be sure to share on social media.

Photo Credits:

(via @myartisreal ) Photo By Tina Sokolovskaya
(Via @myartmagazine) “Vacuum Cleaner, aspiradora” by Alberto Borea
(via @myartisreal ) By Naropinosa
(via @myartisreal ) By Jimmy Marble
(Via @myartisreal ) Photo By Olivia Erlanger
( Via @myartmagazine ) Photo By Haris Farsarakis for Ochi
(via @myartisreal ) By Darian Volkova
( Via @myartmagazine )  By Sandra Lazzarini
( Via @myartmagazine ) By Beatrice.gutu
( Via @myartmagazine ) By Giuseppe Palmisano
( Via @myartmagazine ) By egealaura
(via @myartisreal ) By SlimeSunday
(via @myartmagazine) Photo By Lisitsyna Anastasiya for Clothing Brand MY812
(via @myartisreal ) By Aykutadogdu
( Via @myartmagazine )  By Ellen Jantzen
(via @myartisreal) Photo By Weisstub

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