‘A million times’ exploring the human experience with Humans since 1982

‘A million times’ By Humans since 1982

Humans since 1982 a collaborative project created by artists Bastian Bischoff and Per Emanuelsson. One from Germany one from Sweden both born in 1982, they met as postgraduate students at HDK Göteborg. Together with ‘Humans since 1982’ they have set out to explore the human experience through minimal yet technically advanced works of art and exhibitions such as their series of works titled ‘A million Times.’

From smartphones, security cameras, and most notably clocks, not just any clock but beautifully arranged sets of individuals clocks that come together to form one whole work. Beginning back in 2013 we have seen various iterations of this piece over the years until September of 2019. Each tiny clock is perfectly timed to at the same moment come together and display the time of day in the format as a traditional digital watch would. During each minute before the time is shown the hands move in a beautifully choreographed dance. With each passing year, the clocks seem to get more complex until they created one of the largest kinetic sculptures in the world for ‘A Million Times at Changi’ which consisted of 504 clockfaces.

This series takes an important object used every day by many and turned it into an object of beauty, it takes something so essential and turns it into art. Something not just meant to serve a purpose but meant to be appealing. Which is something we see often in design when companies try and blend artistic style into an everyday product. What Humans does is much more spectacular, they are taking the product and without overcomplicating it they strip it down to its basic functions and showcase the art already within.

Source: Humans since 1982 website

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