The Wästberg lamp collection “w182 pastille” designed by Industrial Facility

The Wästberg lamp collection “w182 pastille” designed by Industrial Facility

Let there be light! The London-based studio named Industrial Facility creates limited edition minimalistic style lamps for Swedish lighting company Wästberg. The collection titled W182 includes free-standing floor lamps as well as clip-on table lamps and wall-mounted lamps with hidden cables. 

The lamps are made of bioplastic derived from the castor bean plant that is further supported by glass fiber. It’s heavier than normal plastics giving it the appearance of normal metal lamps. The lamps come in the colors black, dark green, red, and white. The pigment is mixed directly into the plastic. No need for further painting. 

In this quote, the studio explains how the simplified structure of the lamp contributes to the control level of the brightness the lamp emits. “This recyclable material provides warmth and strength, and makes[the brightness] lighter and easier to adjust from anywhere on the lamp.” 

The simple design of a circular casing of the bulb attached to a straight arm is a testament to the ever-growing design movement characterized as simplicity without sacrificing functionality.

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