Colorful and Playful Portraits, a look at Maxim Fomenko

Colorful and Playful Portraits, a look at Maxim Fomenko

Today we take a look at contemporary artist Maxim Fomenko. Born in Russia in 1981 and later attending the Academy of free arts in Nuremberg, Germany where he now resides. Growing up from a young age Maxim was very inspired and driven by his artistic father. While being heavily inspired by Masters such as Picasso, Francis Bacon, and David Hockney, Fomekno began to become more abstract with his paintings. This change is what has lead him to the style he has today.  You can see the heavy Francis Bacon influence in Fomenkos work but its definitely his own style. 

Often using bright colors and warping the figures in his paintings it can sometimes feel as if you are tripping on acid. Not that I would know about that, my only drug experience being the movie Fear and Loathing. His subjects often feature blank faces and also may have facial features such as eyes replaced by sex organs. Even with this, you can still tell what famous person is being depicted, most notably the Alford Hitchcock painting below. With his playful and colorful style, Maxim is definitely an artist to be on the lookout for.


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