Lost in the sand-covered world created by Outrunyouth – Suburbs Gallery Highlight

Lost in the sand-covered world created by Outrunyouth – Suburbs Gallery Highlight

We are overjoyed to highlight the extraordinary talent of Victor, better known as Outrunyouth, at Suburbs Gallery. Victor’s artistic journey is a mesmerizing blend of minimalism, mystery, and the power of 3D to create enchanting otherworldly scenes.

At the heart of Victor’s work lies a profound fascination with the simple yet captivating beauty of sand. The elegant curves of dunes and the haunting desolation of the desert serve as consistent symbols throughout his creations. Through sand dunes, Victor explores themes of escapism, transience, and the ever-changing nature of existence.

Drawing inspiration from everyday life, Victor finds solace in long walks that allow his mind to wander without distractions. The ever-shifting environment sparks his imagination, fuels his creativity, and gives rise to new ideas. Moreover, he finds inspiration in fellow artists, observing not only what they create but also how they perceive and interpret the world. René Magritte and Edward Hopper stand as Victor’s primary artistic influences, with Magritte’s surreal imagery and Hopper’s introspective cinematic style shaping his unique artistic vision.

Currently, Victor is working on his most ambitious series to date— more on that to come! Additionally, he is creating standalone pieces for curated events and finalizing a significant commission that holds exciting mysteries. Moreover, Victor is exploring the idea of curating a physical book that will showcase a comprehensive selection of his captivating work. – Baku from Suburbs Gallery

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