Mushroom pets you grow from the comfort of your own home, Smallhold

Mushroom pets you grow from the comfort of your own home, Smallhold

Since the pandemic of covid-19 has hit the world many have been stuck at home, sometimes spending weeks without going for even a walk in the sun. With so much free time but being stuck inside people have turned to many different hobbies, maybe you got into cooking, painting, embroidery, but the biggest hobbit it seems at the moment is houseplants. I can speak to this from experience as my home has turned into a jungle almost. One company has started to offer a new hobby that you maybe didn’t even think could be done, growing mushrooms. No not psychedelic mushrooms, well I guess you could grow those if you want, but we are talking about normal mushrooms, the kind people eat. 

Smallhold, an NYC based organic mushroom farm has begun to sell kits to help you start growing your very own mushrooms from home. After noticing a trend of hobbies surrounding plant growth and the overall use of photos and video on Instagram that bask in the beauty of mushrooms they saw a void yet to be filled. Not only are these grow kits meant for you to grow a “pet” like a plant but they are also good for cooking. As of October 2020, Smallhold is offering two types of grow kits, a Lion’s Mane, and a Blue Ostyer kit. Each kit starts at $34.99 and if you live in NYC you can pick yours up in person. Have a look and see if Mushrooms are a new hobby for you.

Source: Smallhold’s website.

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