The Myartisreal Podcast Ep 12 Andi

The Myartisreal Podcast Ep 12 Andi Out Now!

The podcast has come a long way since launching in September of 2022. I couldn’t be happier with the responses I’m getting from listeners and guests and it warms my heart to know this podcast is inspiring people in the way I knew it could. Our latest episode features artist and illustrator Andi Soto. I found her story to be very engaging and incredibly inspiring so please if you love art go check it out and let us know what you thought. If you enjoy the podcast the best thing you can do is share it with friends but if you want to help support it even more and get bonus content in the process consider signing up for the Patreon page here. Thank you to everyone and enjoy the episode. 

Andi Soto is an illustration artist from Panama. She grew up outside the city near the jungle and fell in love with anime and before she knew it all she wanted to do was make mangas. However, as we all know life is not always so straightforward and Andi had quite a journey ahead of her if she wanted to be an artist.

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