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Dan Alva Miami Artist Odds and Ends in Miami Unique Boards UB Myartisreal

We recently sat down with Miami artist Dan Alva to talk about his most recent collaboration with Unquie board. The project is titled “ODDS&ENDS in Miami” and is a limited edition sculpture that comes in three colors. If you don’t know already Unquie Board is a company working with Established and Emerging artist to help them turn ideas into 3D Sculptures. They do this through 3d printing and cast molding. They have worked with various artists such as Venus Mansion, Esteban Diacono, and more.

Today we take a look at one of there most recent Artist collaborations with Dan Alva. Dan is an artist not afraid to experiment with new ideas and concepts when creating works of art. He has worked in all types of mediums from sculptures to canvas work. In his project with UB (Unquie Board), they worked together to create a sculpture of a trash bag, and the result was more than spectacular. Who better to turn something so off-putting into a beautiful tabletop sculpture then Dan Alva.

Dan Alva Miami Artist Odds and Ends in Miami Unique Boards UB Myartisreal ODDS & ENDS

Why the name Odds&Ends for this series?

I titled the trash sculptures Odds & Ends because that’s what they basically are. They are bags filled with miscellaneous articles or remnants that we throw away and forget about forever.


What was the thought process for creating this series and what did you gain inspiration from? 

I consider myself “street smart”.  I’m from the generation before iPhones and videos games – if you were bored, you would go outside and hit the streets, simple as that. When I was living in New York, I stayed true to that idea and spent the majority of my time outside instead of cooped up in my apartment. When you walk around the city, you can’t help but notice the amount of trash left behind on the sidewalks. I always thought that the piles of trash had a very sculptural quality to them. I guess you could say I’ve always had this idea in the back of my mind, creating the sculptures was just a matter of time.  

Are you happy with the way the final product turned out?

Of course.  Working with Dan from Unique Board was an absolute honor. He is giving artists an opportunity to express themselves in a 3D medium. Not everyone has the ability to work in 3D programs and bring a simple sketch to life. Unique Board can provide that service for upcoming artists; he’s got a great concept going. 

Dan Alva Miami Artist Odds and Ends in Miami Unique Boards UB Myartisreal ODDS & ENDS

How long did it take to get to the final product from planning all the way to final sculpture?

The sculpture was a back and forth process with Unique Board for about 6 months. We began with sketches, then photographs, and finally came around to 3D rendering and casting. It was an interesting process to be a part of. 


What’s it like to work in advertising and how does it influence your work?

I’ve been working as a creative in advertising for the last 12 years; it’s my corporate side. I use my full name in advertising and a “chopped” up version of it in the art world. It’s two different worlds, but they each play an integral role in the other. During the day I’m mostly hustling ideas for big-time brands; everything from commercials to big stunt ideas. At night, I hit the studio and I’m client free – it’s up to me to create the final product. The studio gives me the opportunity to make mistakes and create more freely.  


Whats next?

I’m preparing for my first solo show in New York in mid-August. 


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