Black Book Gallery Presents “Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Losing My Mind and That’s OK” By Julio Alejandro

Black Book Gallery is pleased to announce “I Feel Like I’m Losing My Mind and That’s OK,” an exhibition of new works by Julio Alejandro. The exhibition opens on Saturday, March 14th from 7-10 pm and runs through April 4th. Drawing on the success of Alejandro’s inaugural show with the gallery last spring, his latest body of work continues to remix symbols of ancient and contemporary urban cultures.

Alejandro combines primitive abstraction and corporatized branding in his mixed media, collage-style paintings, reflecting the organized chaos of late-capitalism’s hyper-commercialization and its impact on his own psyche. His work is aggressive yet playful, sophisticated yet childlike. “I Feel Like I’m Losing My Mind and That’s OK” is a kind of Taoist response to the cultural schizophrenia of our collective reality. By interspersing scrawled, handwritten text with bright, often primary colors and repeated symbols, Alejandro’s style balances between the punk rebellion of youth and almost philosophical wisdom. As with his previous works, Alejandro’s compositions are laden with art historical references, among them the automatic drawing of the French Surrealists, which was meant to tap into the collective unconscious, and the painterly techniques of the German Expressionists, who exorcised their demons through intense and frenzied mark-making.

The exhibition runs March 14th – April 4th

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 14th
Free & Open to the public

Gallery Instagram @blackbookgallery

Artist Instagram @julioalejandro.9

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