Images © Zhiyong Jing

Zhiyoung Jing tells sinister stories with his minimal paintings

Zhiyoung Jing tells sinister stories with his minimal paintings. 

If art with a more sinister story strikes your interest you might want to check out these works by ZhiYoung Jing. These often small works are packed full of compelling elements while also keeping it minimal. Some works are humorous while others are much darker. One recurring character hides beneath a ghost-like white sheet while cementing various crimes. We the viewer observe these crimes and try to pieces together the story.

In one work below we see a mountain range covered in snow. Then we see a car sitting at the end of a road engulfed in flames while a strange subject walks away. In another work titled “Rainy Night,” we see a dead body laying on the floor of a home while what one would assume to be a detective or cop taking a photo of the crime scene. Jing will also incorporate pop cultural references into his works as well. Characters from Breaking Bad, Reservoir dogs, and Joker all make appearances in his work.  

Zhiyoung graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine art and is currently based in Beijing China. In his own words he paints “dreams, hopes, and absurd worlds.” You can view some of our favorite works of his below and follow him on Instagram here.

Images © Zhiyong Jing

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