Images © Lihao Lu

Lihao Lu puts his own spin on traditional Chinese art styles with dark and surreal story telling

Lihao Lu puts his own spin on traditional Chinese art styles

Lihao Lu provides a surreal and modern approach to traditional Chinese art styles. Lu is an Australian Chinese artist based in Sydney who uses art to express his opinions and tell his story. Most of his original works are either paintings done on paper or drawings done on paper then attached to wooden panels for framing.  His works are surreal and consist of more muted colors and subjects with often sad expressions. 

“I like to use dark and subtle colours to capture my thoughts and emotions. Though the colours and expression might look a little depressing, but I feel truly comfortable when I paint with muted tone with a tint of sorrow.” – Lihao Lu (Via his website

You can view a selection of Lihao’s works below and follow him on Instagram here.

Sources: The artist website.

Images © Lihao Lu

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