The path of the universe, a look at Jinggoy Buensuceso

The path of the universe, a look at Jinggoy Buensuceso Written  By Matilde Balatti | @matilde_balatti

Like a contemporary Demiurge, the artist Jinggoy Buensuceso has the ability to shape matter as he pleases. His sculptures in concrete, metal, wood, and ceramics often reveal a deep interest in both the natural and human sphere, but also in space, as suggested by the work Blackhole.


Jinggoy Buensuceso is a visual artist and sculptor originally from the Philippines. In his sculptures, it is evident that the experiences of his childhood, spent in the Bataan region, played an important role in his artistic production. The work Pinatubo, in fact, takes its title from the volcano that is located on Luzòn Island, on the border with the Bataan region. The wooden panel reproduces the moment of the cataclysmic eruption that occurred in 1991, 600 years after the last activity of the volcano. Other works such as Magma and Topography, reveal the impact of this event on the artist who does not hide a feeling of fascination, and perhaps even intimidation, towards an uncontrollable natural phenomenon.



The reflection on nature leads to the reflection on humans as part of it. Works such as Infection made with charcoal and concrete, underline the human existence as a mere body made of flesh and bones, insisting on his vulnerability. Other works push the viewer beyond the sensitive side of existence: the work The path, made juxtaposing wooden stripes at different distances from the wall, and the work Balay (that in Visayan means house), made with handmade paper, represent two moments of the same existential journey to which no living creature can escape.

The path
The path

Jinggoy’s reflects on what we do not necessarily understand. By giving a structure to these uncontrollable activities, natural phenomena, and the human experience, he finds links and balance between them, thus encouraging men to trust in the universe even though they do not completely understand it. Sources: | @jinggoybuensuceso

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