An Oasis in the desert, a look at Muhcine Ennou

An Oasis in the desert, a look at Muhcine Ennou

Muhcine Ennou is an Amsterdam-based artist who focused on photography but has recently been releasing an abundance of digital works of art. While wanting to do a series of photos in the desert for a while he didn’t have a desert to-go photograph so he made one. While his photography is often full of crowded urban landscapes, his digital renders are almost empty.

Muhcine is able to carry over his style across mediums seamlessly while still putting up a divider. While they carry a very similar style when it comes to color and tone. There is a divide, this divide is the emptiness, the isolation we feel when peering into these other worlds he has rendered out for us. For Muchine this isolation is a reflection of himself and his appreciation for the silence and the moment. 

As I look at these works I see a dark desert landscape illuminated by one single structure. Sometimes it’s a coffee shop, an ice cream store, a phone booth, and even a food truck. I picture myself stepping into this world. I walk closer to the structures with the cold night air blowing across my face and I have a seat. In this world, I’m at peace.

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