Toxic love, a look at Cris Valencia

Toxic love, a look at Cris Valencia

Soft, meaningful, moody, and beautiful all these words describe the works by artist and illustrator Cris Valencia. Originally from Barcelona and now based in Madrid Cris is on just one moment in her artistic journey. Her illustrations have a distinct and aesthetically pleasing look to them that carry over from all her current works, often using a soft color pallet that always features variants of pink and red. Valencia does not just make works that serve a visual pleasure, using topics like love, hate, friendship, and betrayal she sets out to make her art meaningful and relatable for the viewer.

Cris’s works often wear their meanings on their metaphorical sleeves. One of the works that stand out to me would be the one of a woman pulling out a cigarette from a pack that is labeled with “Toxic love kills.” This work like many others are straight forward with what they mean and this aspect makes the works even more approachable for the viewer. So scroll down and have a look and see what work is your favorite.


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