‘Trace Heavens’ geometric light sculptures created by James Nizam

‘Trace Heavens’ geometric light sculptures created by James Nizam

James Nizam, an England born artist has always worked with light and space in various ways. In 2012 he created one of his most well-known series of works titled “Trace Heavens,” and within this body of work uses an abandoned soon to be demolished home as his study and as the work of art itself. Cutting and manipulating the walls of the home to allow light to penetrate the dark rooms which he manipulates with mirrors to create his geometric light sculptures.

In this 2013 Interview on satellitegallery.wordpress.com, when Nizam was asked about his geometric light works this is what he had to say. “When window boardings are placed over an abandoned structure its fate is sealed and it becomes entombed.   It becomes like an object of death, a negative space, or a dark room. It’s hard not to see a parallel to photography in this sense.  Perforations that puncture through the structure let light inside in a way that becomes image-forming.   Lately I have been thinking about architecture as an optical device or photographic apparatus. I’ve been thinking about the spaces I’ve been working in as ready-made containers to channel light.  I feel an empty room is like the inside of camera, which, in turn, is like the inside of film canister.  By extension, bringing light into a darkroom is like bringing light into a camera or light into the skull and the vitreous chamber of the eye.  I have used these overlapping worlds as pivot points to explore one space as an extension of the other.  My recent photo works are an expression of the poetic similitude that exists along two axes of metaphor, photographic apparatuses/architecture / eye and architecture/mind/ cosmos. “ – James Nizan (Via satellitegallery.wordpress.com)


Sources: https://satellitegallery.wordpress.com/2013/11/16/interview-with-james-nizam/

All Images  © James Nizam via his website.

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