Not a wannabe, A look at artist MadSaki

    Madsaki is not a wannabe, A look at artist MadSaki

 Lately, I have found myself repeatedly going back and forth between the Instagram account of the artist; Madsaki. In case you don’t know who Madsaki is, I will give a little background detail on him. Madsaki was born in Osaka, Japan and ended up moving to the United States while very young, he then ended up graduating from Parsons School of Design with his BFA. His CV definitely looks nice with numerous big solo exhibitions in galleries such as Perrotin and Kaikai Kiki.

         Now let’s get to talking a little bit about the work of Madsaki. Going through his Instagram you will see that Madsaki is known for recreating famous artworks not only from art history but as well as works from famous contemporary artists with his own touch using spray paint. And when I say spray paint I’m not saying that he’s making virtually identical remakes of these masterpieces, he has actually created his own unique style using a spray cap that I’m not too aware of. With thin splattered lines, a great sense of structure and placement, these recreations are not only aesthetically pleasing but give the viewer a sense of happiness and nostalgia. This raw style of his makes you realize why he caught the attention of great contemporary artists such as Takashi Murakami and has continued to blow up since.

         To bring things to an end, since I’m pretty tired and feel like I’m about to drop dead any second, I will say that while many people think that the art world is dying and are complaining about things being unoriginal, I feel like Madsaki is proof that things just might be going better than ever in the art world. And though many would argue that his work is still unoriginal since he is just recreating other masterpieces and scenes from movies as his main subject, I feel like his pieces are everything but that. When you can recreate something and totally make it your own, that’s as original as one can get. We can say the art world is dying when people stop trying, until then suck it up and enjoy the ride… or the show.


Upcoming Dates:


July 17th – August 17th, 2019 – Solo Show – Perrotin, Hong Kong


Artist Social: @madsaki

Words By Famo: @famoisdead