Mesmerizing and surreal storytelling, a look at Adam Lupton

Mesmerizing and surreal storytelling, a look at Adam Lupton

Canadian artist Adam Lupton is more than just a painter but a storyteller. His works have been shown all over the world from Canada, New York City, London, and even China.  His works of art depict the mundane tasks of various subject’s lives, yet they mesmerize you with their surreal style and emotional feeling.

Adam is able to showcase varying emotions, thoughts, and moments all within one canvas by slicing and blurring the subject into what appears to be multiple people but is in fact one person in various moments within the same scene. He is able to display emotions in his works so well because he is giving the viewer more than just one expression to go off of.

“This was bred out of my anxiety, and the crushing weight of making a choice. You see all these possible futures, how each little decision is going to impact not just that moment, but over time lead farther and farther away from another choice, but they’re all able to be traced back to that one decision. I suppose I was trying to convey that: the aspect of time that’s fluid but also monumental for us who only live time in one direction.” – Adam Lutpon (Source:


Artist Instagram: @adampaints

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