The nest house, an off the grid home designed by Porky Hefer

The nest house, a home built to look like a birds nest

Off the gird and located on an animal reserve sits a guest house like no other. The person responsible for this project is Porky Hefer one of South Africa’s most awarded creatives. While most of his other projects are of innovative furniture this project is a much bigger task. A whole guest home, a house with three stories, and four rooms to be exact, designed for conservationist Swen Bachran. What makes this house so interesting is the look, no it’s not some simple modern sleek design. It’s designed to resemble the nests of the south African birds known as Sociable Weavers which nest dot the landscape. 

The structure is hand made using local materials. The natural earth town outer material and shape allows the home to be one with the landscape, looking almost completely natural at a first glance. The interior of the home was designed by Yelda Bayraktar and Maybe Corpaci. The hardwood flooring pairs well with the walls which resembling the roof of the home. The full design of the project reflects the natural beauty of the land and culture of the area while providing a modern twist that works together quite well. 


All images © Katinka Bester

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