Bad Ass and Beautiful characters, a look at Zeen Chin

Bad Ass and Beautiful characters, a look at Zeen Chin  

Zeen Chin is a freelance graphic designer and artist who is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His digital paintings are full of horror, mystery, beauty, and wonder. His works predominantly feature very bad-ass and attractive women, often either in the midst of a fight or in the bloody aftermath. Along with ugly trolls and other creatures alike.  While his images are somewhat disturbing and dark, they often contain very sexual overtones and imagery. Zeen’s most popular tools to use when making his art is Adobe Photoshop and Flash as each image is made purely digitally, but with soft strokes of color and lays of details, Chin brings these works to life in what could almost be mistaken for as a physical painting. His attention to detail is what makes these works next level, with each image being packed full of additional background characters and props. 


You can see the children that appear in my works over and over are pale and look like demons. For me, children are pure and innocent, but also evil. They do whatever they want to do. – Zeen Chin (Source:


Artist website: | Social Media: @zeenchin

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