‘Cuttemporary Art’ a series Sakir Gökçebag

‘Cuttemporary Art’ a series Sakir Gökçebag

Sakir Gökçebag is an artist who is constantly swaying back and forth between seriousness and playfulness within his works. We see this constantly through his various series of works and installations. In the series Cuttemporary this so very prevalent, the name of the series alone is a playful play on the words contemporary and cut and how both apply to the works photographed. 

In ‘Cuttemporary,’ Gökçebag takes various fruits and vegetables and cuts them into different shapes. These shaps are then placed together on top of a blank gray background, then photographed. Each set of fruits/vegetables creating its own unique pattern. We see sphere-shaped apples and watermelons cut and played to make squares, we see green peppers sliced an arranged like snakes. It’s silly to play with one’s food, making it different shapes and animals, but at the same time it holds meaning, we start to view our food differently. Nothing could describe this better than this sentence from the artist’s website.

“They are ephemeral works of art that owe their short-lived existence to a precise cut, a perfect arrangement of the cut parts, concentration and speed. They show us the beauty of what we often enough thoughtlessly absorb without looking. But the thoughts don’t have to go far to make the step from fruit and vegetables to beauty, or at least to the uniqueness of life, and to do so with just as much dreamy ease as seriousness.” ( Via Sakir Gökçebag Website, Cuttemporary – Beauty and Transience –  Dr. Margret Schütte )

Images © Sakir Gökçebag (Webiste here)

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