Thanks for the isolation Mr. World (A letter from Revolue)

“Thanks for the isolation Mr. World” (A letter from Revolue)

Revolue is a contemporary artist who has shown his works all across the globe. He is a world traveler but calls São Paulo home. With his Paris show Ego Land that was set to open in late March being postponed in response to COVID-19, we decided to check-in and see how he was doing. He is an artist so he is used to being in the studio, being alone, and dedicating his time to his paints. What follows is the transmission we received from our dear friend.

What should isolation give to me?
Panic? Overthinking? Anxiety? No…i choose to meet myself.

How often do we talk to ourselves? How often do we take the time to know if what we are doing is exactly what we really want to do?
The good side of isolation is that the answers to those questions came naturally to me. It’s not just another day painting in the studio, its something else, a new world inside your room. It’s about letting go of control and make new things, use your own judgment without any external influences. No hangover, no stress from outside forces…
It’s powerful, at first it’s strange but once you recognize who you are in a true way, it’s a new door you opened! You feel don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
If you are fine with yourself, you are cool with the universe.
I have to say thanks for this opportunity, even though it is an almost forced isolation it’s good. How many times do we say: I’ll have a detox day? I’ll take some time
to myself. Yet these days never come.
Now it’s the universe giving us this opportunity so…thank you Mr. World!
After that, I’m pretty sure I’ll be more Intense on everything! This is how we should be all the time! Better than the minute before, with everyone! Make only
Good things and don’t always ask for something in return!

New Isolation work on Paper by Revolue Exclusively available via Myartisreal

Title: Kit Kot
Medium: Acrylic, markers, graffiti and Spray on couchê paper 180g
Size: 9x12in (A4 paper size)
Price: $800
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