Images © Priidu Saart, Tõnu Tunnel, Vahur Singa

This private tiny cabin getaway in Estonia allows you to soak up the beauty of nature

A private tiny cabin getaway in Estonia

Growing up as a kid my favorite place to visit was the mountains in northern Georgia, no not the country but the state. My family would go every year staying in tents and campers, as we got older we would rent out some cabins here and there as well. Every morning we would have breakfast outside, get ready to go fishing for the day, then come back to camp to eat dinner while sitting around the fire. I loved it, the sound of the river flowing down the mountain, the crackle of the fire at night, the pull of the fish on my line. I would use these trips to think, clear my head and talk with my father and grandfather. It’s something about being in nature, in the real world, that washes one’s worries away even if just for a few days. After discovering this project the “Maidla Nature Villa” I’m itching to return to nature.

In the country of Estonia, a country that contains one of the world’s smallest populations is the Maidla Nature Resort. This resort sets on many acres of land and has buildings full of history that date back many years, surrounded by untouched forest and bogland. Bogs are important for Estonian folklore and represent mystery and peace. A new place to stay within this property is the before mentioned ‘Maidla Nature Villa’ that sits within the marshland.

The villa is a small wooden cabin big enough for one to two guests. Because its located in the marshland the cabin is held up by a set of large polls that elevate the cabin 1m above the ground. When you step into the villa you see a small area for your belongings and a counter for making coffee and teas, as well as a minibar. You then walk into the bedroom which has a king bed facing the windows which provide a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding nature, complete with a fireplace at the edge of the room. Moving further into the villa you find the bathroom. Outside a set of wooden levels lead up to the roof for a beautiful view of the sunrise, or sunset, and also makes for a great view for bird watching. Designed by b210 this villa is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or just a place to become one with nature while staying in comfort. You can learn more about the project here on the Maidla Nature Resort website.


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Images © Priidu Saart, Tõnu Tunnel, Vahur Singa