Pop Culture Dystopia, a look at Filip Hodas

Pop Culture Dystopia, a look at Filip Hodas

Digital artist Filip Hodas who goes by the great name @hoodass on Instagram, has been creating some of the most detailed and surreal renders on the web. Hailing from Prague, Czech Republic Filip has established himself as a remarkable freelance designer. Hodas began creating daily renders in 2015 to improve his skills in programs such as Cinema4D and Octane Render. 

Filip will often spend a select number of days focused on learning a special technique or style. Each series of works being just as weird or more so than the last while also with greater detail. All of this is what has allowed Hodas to create his most current series of works titled “Pop Culture Dystopia.” In this series, Filip is taking popular characters and objects and places them within realistic landscapes.  

This series of work is not only the most technically advanced but the most well-rounded as in terms of theme and world-building. He has created works featuring Spongebob Squarepants, Pacman, and many more. My personal favorite has to be the very realistic recreation of the space ship used in the cartoon, Rick and Morty. Not only is the work done marvelously but it also creates a haunting feeling and makes you wonder how the ship has landed here and what has become of Rick and Morty. If only we could get Filip to do a whole series on Rick and Morty, but that’s just wishful thinking.

Older works By Filip Hodas




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