Weird and Wild, a look at Marc Tudisco

Weird and Wild, a look at Marc Tudisco

Let’s journey into the weird works of German digital artist Marc Tudisco. Marc has been creating art for many years in Cinema4D and other 3D design programs alongside his brother Antoni Tudisco. Marc’s personal Instagram has really blown up in the last year, this is due to his very bizarre and often goosebump-inducing animations. These works often feature food or daily objects coming to life in the form of miniature people. Like below where we see a person made of sushi fish doing pushups on sushi rolls. Oh, and let’s not forget the adorable syrup babies dancing on a stack of pancakes.

These works by Tudisco are not just strange but they are also refreshing. They can gross you out or even make you laugh, and that’s just why these videos have been going viral. His food animations often feel very simple in design. Not featuring much detail to the surrounding environment, but that’s actually what makes the works so good. His outrageous and entertaining characters and animation are the focus.

These food people are not all that Marc is working on. For years now he has created more serious works for brands such as Nike, MTV, Google, Addidas, and many more. Now don’t get me wrong these works being more serious in nature does not make them not as weird and wild. After all, that’s exactly why the companies want him to design for them, to get more attention. So how about your scroll on down and have a look for yourself and see what works speak to you the most.


IG: @mvrc.t

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