Miniature Landscapes by Heidi Annalise

Miniature Landscapes by Heidi Annalise

A mint tin, a dash of oil paint, and a beautiful landscape is all Heidi Annalise, a colorado based artist, needs to create stunning and amazingly creative miniature studies of the natural beauty of the surrounding world. 

Heidi’s work is inspired by her preoccupation with the earth and its many habitations as well as her creative vision of a more streamlined and whimsical approach to the conventional expression of the world. Heidi describes this vision in the following quote, “Floating between realism and impressionism, my artwork adds an element of fantasy to the natural world with heightened colors and simplified shapes.” 

These  “landscapes in a box” are an expression of Heidi’s love of the outside and how she finds home and security in it as well as artistic inspiration. Heidi describes this feeling in the next quote. “My paintings reflect the joy of being once again surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, a celebration of homecoming”. 

Heidi’s work brings a sense of unity between the observer and their own worldly experience. Therefore allowing us to relate to her art on a spiritual and instinctual level. 


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