Dissecting the anatomy, a look at Nychos

Dissecting the anatomy, a look at Nychos

Today we shine the spotlight on contemporary mural artist Nychos. Born in Styria, Austria Nychos has made a name for himself with his signature style of painting the anatomy of the characters in his works. Often his subjects are either various types of animals or recognizable pop culture icons. While growing up in the ’80s Nychos became very inspired by Heavy Metal music which you can still see in his works today.

Nychos often displays his subjects in a couple of different ways. Most commonly is this almost dissection type style where the character he has chosen is pulled apart revealing layers of there anatomy. These dissections show everything from the skin, veins, organs and all the way down to the bone. This can be seen in the artwork below of the painted astronaut. Some of his other ways of showcasing the anatomy are by making the subject’s outer layer (fur or skin) be transparent. As shown in the work of the wolf and two babies.

Most might find the style of Nychos to be disturbing. For me, it’s just plain awesome, and for most, it’s somewhere in-between. The disturbing and gross parts of it are what make it so interesting and captivating. His captivating style is what has etched his mark into not only street art but contemporary art spaces as well.





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