Kathleen Ryan brings new sculpture and “Bad Fruit” to Karma Gallery in New York City

Kathleen Ryan brings new sculpture and “Bad Fruit” to Karma Gallery in New York City

Kathleen Ryan is back with her latest exhibition at the Karma Gallery in New York City. We spoke about Ryan’s elegant sculptures of moldy fruits constructed with beads in the past (read here), but this new show offers us some new sculptures to behold. We see many variations of rotting cherries placed through the show, each one with a fishing pole replacing the stem. We even see one sculpture of a metal cage holding an entire pile of these cherries, a new bad lemon sculpture almost entirely engulfed in the mold, and most notably we see “Jackie” a large rotted-out Jacko lantern. 

“With painstaking technique, painterly sensitivity to color, and a biting sense of humor, Ryan’s Bad Fruit suggests art’s capacity to both evoke and arrest the passage of time.” – Karma Gallery (via https://karmakarma.org )

As much as we enjoy these works on our screen nothing will ever quite match the feeling of seeing the art up-close. Being able to walk around the sculptures to view all angles, and to notice every little detail the artist has spent so much time crafting. The show opened up on the 6th of May but will be open until June 19th, you can head over to Karma’s website for more info.

box of cherrys by Kathleen Ryan Kathleen Ryan moldy lemon sculpture by Kathleen Ryan

Sources: https://karmakarma.org/exhibitions/

Images © Kathleen Ryan and Karma Gallery

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