Images © Allan Salas

“The Rooted Heart Began to Change” a photography series by Allan Salas

Photographer Allan Salas captures mortality and the brutality of nature in the series “The Rooted Heart Began to Change”

Allan Salas is a Costa Rican-born and based photographer who explores mortality and uses his work to self-analyze. Salas’s photos also serve as a way of capturing the passage of time and our relationship with nature. The photos are dark and gritty, they are raw and honest looks at the sometimes harsh nature surrounding us. 

The series is titled “The Rooted Heart Began to Change.” This body of work was created not long after Allan experienced two stressful and traumatic events in life. First Salas lost his grandmother then his father had a heart attack not long after, but luckily survived. After these events, Allan needed a way to deal with his emotions and find a way to cope with sorrows. So he sat out on a journey across the country and documented in photos the landscapes he encountered.

“Faced with mortality, the imagery of land and death develops into a poem. Between the body and the self, nature and nothingness, eternity and the ephemeral, The Rooted Heart Began to Change functions as an open diary. It illustrates an inward exploration of the spirit seeking to understand human anguish in the face of the unknown.” – Allan Salas (via his website)

Images © Allan Salas

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