Classical and surreal paintings by Ben Smith

Classical and surreal paintings by Ben Smith

Ben Smith combines classical painting techniques and style with surreal elements, often walking the line of poetic beauty and humor. Born in 1977 Smith spends his time making art within his two studios, one in Sydney and the other in Murwillumbah Australia. He has shown his works all over the world in New York, South Korea, and Denmark to name a few.

Smith’s works are colorful and welcoming while often touching on personal topics of doubt and one’s search for comfort. One of his most popular series of works is titled ‘Personal Mythologies.’ ‘Doubt begins at breakfast (Double Self Portrait)’ a painting within this series showcases two versions of Smith setting down to eat eggs while one version is preparing to eat the other version appears to be encapsulated in self-thought. Another work titled ‘An Invitation to dine’ features a woman who appears to be Mother Mary dining with a large ape and a duck. 

Sources: The artist website.

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Images  © Ben Smith